Facilitate a Workshop at WRC ’11!!!

please forward widely.

Western Regional LGBTQIA Conference

We are very excited to host the Western Regional LGBTQIAConference at UC Berkeley on March 4-6, 2011, and even more excited to open the Call for Workshops! The Workshop Proposal Form can be found here, and the deadline is November 12, 2010.

Who can submit proposals?

  • undergrad & grad students
  • faculty
  • high school and university staff
  • community members & orgs
  • anyone with an interest in our mission

Why facilitate a workshop?

  • discounted conference registration
  • gain regional network
  • meet like-minded people
  • share knowledge of a great topic
  • attend other great workshops
  • gain facilitation/conference experience

Western Regional is an annual LGBTQIA Conference held to empower and educate queer students by means of workshops, speakers and social events. It seeks to spark dialogue about the critical issues facing the queer community today, and is often a space where future leaders of our community emerge and grow.

This Year:
Our theme this year is “Unchecked Boxes: The Faces Behind the Labels,” and with this comes a desire to transcend the categories in which individuals are often placed. Our goal is for these workshops to both reflect this idea as well as to be as interactive, life-enriching, transformative, and empowering as possible. We look forward to drawing on the rich experiences of our communities to create an inspiring body of workshops.

Questions? Comments? Email wr2011.programs@gmail.com.


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