Announcing WRC 2011 Workshops!

Below are workshops that have been selected for this year’s conference. Thank you to all who submitted. For any questions please contact Doug and Lajaunda:

Session 1

  • Writing Erotic Shorts
  • Defining “relationships”
  • Gay and Greek: Finding Queer-friendly spaces within the Greek Communities
  • Gay Rights Activism on a Global Level
  • Looking past the excess weight
  • Art, Activism, and Decolonial Queer Power
  • Proud Of What? (corporate investment)
  • Producing Kushner’s Angels in America at a Catholic College
  • Mobilizing QPOC: Finding the Movement
  • What you know about Gender, and how to raise a gender neutral child.
  • Bringing Queerness to the Big Screen: a workshop about getting into the entertainment industry
  • Creative Journeys: Writing Through our Experiences

Session 2

  • So, What Are You? (transgender topic)
  • Asexuals: Who are they, and why should you care?
  • Latino Gay Stereotypes
  • The Problematics of a Queer Youth Social Movement (Gay Marriage?)
  • Comparative Fluidity: Spectrums in Sexuality and Ethnicity
  • Patriarchal Structures of Animal Oppression
  • Femme Caucus
  • Balancing sexuality and Christianity:  Queers, religion, and spirituality
  • Allyship Within the Queer Community
  • How Drag Still Makes Sense When Gender’s Only a Blur
  • Shame, Survival and Strengths: LGBT Youth in the NYC Kiki Ballroom Scene
  • Gender Bending Drag
  • I Like That Dirty Talk: Your Sexual Self as Poetry

Session 3

  • Humor and Diversity
  • Livin’ to the T, Struggles, Issues, and Triumphs as Young Transpersons
  • Gays in Space!!!: A Discussion on LGBTQIA Characters in Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
  • An LGBTQ Prospective on Transitioning from Academia to the Workplace
  • Make Your Own Damn Sex Toys
  • Growing Up Straight: Family Traditions and Influence on the Queer Asian (Explorations in Creativity)
  • Where YOU at!?! LGBTIQ Folks Gettin Down with Multiple Movements
  • The Holy Queer:  Shaman, Healers, Warriors, Dancers, and Ritualists Ancient and Modern
  • Black Lesbians Matter
  • The History of LGBTetc. Symbology – Empowerment Through Flags, Colors, and Signs
  • The Friends of Dorothy
  • Understanding the experiences of LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers
  • Mangos with Chili: Life-Sustaining Performance Art for Queer and Transgender People of Color
  • Hidden History of UC Berkeley

Session 4

  • Understanding the Crisis: Visual Culture and Media as Oppressive and Empowering
  • Introducing Multiple Identities and Queering Passing
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Homonationalism, and the Pinkwashing of Western Imperialism
  • BDSM – Erotic Liberation or Repressive Abuse?
  • Queer Anarchy
  • Sexual Assault in the Queer Community
  • Intersexuality: Complicating the Binary
  • “But I Want a Box!”: the invisibility of the American transgender population
  • Be, Bi, And. For the Rest of Us (Caucus)
  • Who Makes It Better?
  • Marriage Equality and Beyond: From Prop 8 to Full Equality
  • Equality Talks: Using everyday conversations and teachable moments to advance LGBT equality
  • Y(our) Story: Queer People of Color Art and Creativity as Tools of De-Colonial Activism, Self-Expression, and Resistance

Session 5

  • Butches and Fems: An Evaluation of Lesbian Bar Culture in the 1950s
  • Straight Talk: Unchecking the “Privileged” Box
  • F(eminism) to M(isogyny): Debunking Myths of the FTM Transgender Community
  • Bathroom Graffiti as an Outlet for Repressed Male Homosexual Desire
  • Creating The Promised Land
  • Queer Deer and Lesbian Lizards
  • Pleasure? Yes!
  • Bye Bye Binary!
  • Bullying and Teen Suicide: How to help and heal
  • Community Messaging: Discussing Same-Sex Marriage with the South Asian Community
  • Edgeplay: When Floggers Are Not Enough
  • Self-Description: How the LGBTQIA Community Describes Itself
  • Interactive Theater LGBT Topic of Choice

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