Saturday Night Dance & Drag Show hosted by LeMay!

On behalf of WRC 2011, we are proud and excited to announce the host of Saturday Night’s Dance and Drag Show: LeMay. Featuring artists and performers, The Rice Rockettes, Artist Malcom Drake, La Chica Boom, Mamacoatl Chantiko, Suppositori Spelling, Charisma Gliterrati, Mike Lim, Persia Socrates and Yosimar Reyes.

This event is open to all attendees with conference wrist band.   This is an alcohol free event. For any questions, please email

MC LeMay

(MC for saturday night)
Contrary to popularopinion, I was not bornthe illegitimate lovechild of Fran Drescherand Bob Saget. I did,however, grow upinnocent in the veryconservative suburbsofBoston.Onlyvaguely realizing therewas more to life thanthe mall…until…of course there is an until…Ileft town and headed for one of the best artand design schools in the country. You know,the one on the matchbook cover. With twosuitcases and $300, I made my leave of theEast Coast and headed West, to the land ofmy unknown future.Well, here it is a few yearslater, and I have managed to propel myselfinto the ever-stressful and unsteady world ofperformer, artist and designer where I eek outmy existence in celebrated obscurity.


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