Western Regional 2012 at UC Merced!

The Rice Rockettes & conference participants at Saturday Night's Dance and Drag Show. Photo courtesy of Andrew Gutierrez III.

Thank you to the record breaking 1,100 participants that attended WRC ’11 last weekend! On behalf of the entire planning committee, we would like to express our sincere gratitude in everyone’s cooperation, patience, openness and enthusiasm that made this year’s conference an unforgettable and inspiring event. We would also like to think our guest performers, keynote speakers and workshop facilitators for filling the conference with enlightening, interesting and affective content. We hope that as each conference participant returns to their respective communities of origin, a connection to the ideas, lessons and peoples encountered this past weekend will be felt and that it will influence each participant’s personal activism among their communities across the Western Region!

Western Regional 2011 Planning Committee

Again, congratulations to UC Merced for winning the bid for next year’s conference. It is absolutely imperative that we extend Queer presence to central California beyond the comfort and locality of our coastal, queer-friendly urban communities. Join us next year for the privilege and opportunity to queer California’s Central Valley. See you all in 2012!

Please contact westernregional2011@gmail.com for any lost or missing items. For more information about next year’s conference, stay posted at uclgbtqia.org


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