Housing/Hosting (CLOSED)

Housing is now closed.
Thank you.

Community Housing is provided by local supporters of the Western Regional Conference. Housing Hosts receive no compensation for housing provided and their offer of housing is a generous and thoughtful way to support both the conference and the work of activists from many communities.

If you apply for Community Housing placement, please be considerate of your host(s) and treat their home as you would your own; treat your hosts with the kindness and consideration that they extend to you with the offer of housing.

If you’re a Community Housing Host, please accept our thanks and gratitude for making the Creating Change Conference accessible to someone who may not otherwise be able to attend.

**Community Housing Hosts and Guests will be provided with each other’s contact information. It will be your task to contact each other and make all arrangements related to the housing placement, including when/how guests will meet hosts; confirming the dates of the housing placement; sharing with each other expectations regarding smoking, pets, and so on.
Typically, housing placements are finalized in the month before the conference, with contact information distributed to both guests and hosts.

Thank you.

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